Talent management for small biz & teams

Gain control of your recruiting efforts with the powerful search, management, and reporting tools built into TalentHarness

You know the value of human capital. It’s why you are so intent on finding the right candidate to fill that mission-critical position. In fact, there’s no better satisfaction—when you can bring in someone that not only has the right skills but fits in with the team as well.

But you feel like you are spinning your wheels. There are just so many job sites now, so many places to post new opportunities, so many places where you might find that “perfect fit.” You can thank the digital world for that. Job boards, email, social media—they’ve all enabled more people to apply for more jobs that makes your job more difficult. Like finding the needle in a haystack.

That’s where TalentHarness can help. A powerful web-based tool for managing applicants, for quickly sorting the crème from the rest, TalentHarness gives you the edge you need to keep that perfect fit from going somewhere else.

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