Well after more than a year of development we've officially launched TalentHarness! It's been a great experience building such a large and complex web application and I think it will become a success. Of course nothing is ever perfect the first time around and we'll be doing lots of feature enhancement and updates as we move forward. We'd love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions!

For the techies in reading this, you may be interested in the technology stack we utilized to bring TalentHarness to life. I've been developing software and involved deeply with technology for 10+ years and let me say that this is a very exciting time for entrepreneurs indeed. The tools we have at our disposal make building complex software much more realistic a goal than even 5-6 years ago. Here's a summary of the technology we are leveraging:

Cloud Computing

Like many small startups (as well as big companies) we use Amazon's web services - EC2 for computing and database, S3 for storage and backup, and Route 53 for DNS. The pay as you use model makes it extremely easy to build cheaply, test, refine, then scale.

Open Source

Obviously this is nothing new, great open source software has been around for years, but coupled with the cloud infrastructure model above allows developers and entrepreneurs on even the tightest budgets the power to build great things. We make use of great projects like PHPYii, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, and MySQL

3rd Party Integration

Lastly we've established some partnerships with great 3rd party providers like Stripe for payment processing, Loggly for log management, Google for various things (like charts), and Clicky for analytics.

So that's about it in a nutshell. As we all know the only thing you can count on is change and in regards to that nothing seems to change faster than technology. One of the reasons the SaaS model has taken off as it has is due to the fact that technology does change so quickly. If you're a small business why would you try to wrestle with on premise software and headaches like maintenance and upgrades? You can go with a subscription model where you're always working with the latest version and you know your data is safe and well maintained. It's a no brainer really

  • November 29, 2012

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