Gain Insight into Your Online Recruitment Effort Like Never Before

By now most people are familiar with or are at least aware of the existence of web analytics and traffic monitoring. Small and large websites alike use some very advanced analytics tools such as Google Analytics to get a detailed view into how their website is performing over time. Valuable data is captured for each and every visitor which is then aggregated and presented in clean and easy to consume tables and graphs. Metrics such as geographical location, the device on which the user arrived, what site they arrived from, what keywords were used in their search to find you, average time spent, and what path the visitor took during their time on the site are all available to help the webmaster tweak the most value out of each visitor.

In the online recruiting world getting qualified applicants to submit their information is equivalent to making a sale. The transaction starts with the job seeker seeing your job advertisement somewhere (job board, LinkedIn, etc), clicking through to view the specific job and if interested submitting an application. If the job seeker gets through these steps and you end up with an application the conversion is successful. If the job seeker only views the job and doesn't apply the conversion is unsuccessful. Obviously we want to maximize successful conversions by collecting as many qualified applicants as possible during the life of the campaign (job posting).

We are proud to announce the release some very powerful performance analytics tools to help you study and maximize the performance of your job ad marketing efforts. Now you can gain insight into your advertisements like never before because key intelligence is collected for each and every visitor to each and every job posting. You can see aggregated data over all job postings as well as week-by-week performance for each individual posting. Our analytics will tell you:
  • Where your visitors are located
  • Where they are originating from (job board, social, email, etc)
  • How they are searching for your jobs
And knowing these types of things can help you:
  • Refine your content approach so that job views turn into applications
  • Focus on certain channels, or see which channels are not being utilized by staff
  • See where it makes sense to spend marketing dollars on a sponsored campaign
Having this kind of insight has been an absolute necessity for web site operators for years, and most will agree it would be silly to not have the advantage that analytics tools provide. So why would you?

  • April 3, 2013

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