See Your Applicants in Action

When we set out to build the TalentHarness system we knew we were going to need to incorporate video in the application process somehow. Being able to see and hear a candidate while browsing their resume gives you an insight way beyond the resume alone.

Admittedly, it's a new concept and not many job seekers are going to be comfortable but in the 5 months since we launched the beta version we've seen a number of candidates elect to record a short video and attach it to their application.

We also recently added the video option to our online assessment tool as well. Assessments are a great way to collect additional information on your applicants. With yes/no, multiple choice, free text and now with the video option you can pretty much customize the information gathering any way you wish.

A quick search on google reveals a growing number of services to conduct online video interviewing so I think as the adoption rate becomes higher among companies using the technology so will it become more used by candidates.

  • March 19, 2013

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